During Cryotherapy, injured areas or the whole body, is exposed to liquid nitrogen vapour ranging between -120 ˚C and -160 ˚C for a time frame of 30 seconds to three minutes. This creates powerful physiological responses which stimulates the treated areas but also effects the whole body to achieve:

General wellness
Injury recovery & Pain relief
Inflammatory Condition Rehabilitation
Sport Performance

CryoLivingTM in Cape Town is the first company in South Africa to offer Cryotherapy treatments. "Cryo" originates from the Greek which means "icy cold".

In Europe alone more than 400 Whole Body Cryotherapy facilities are available, mostly at hospitals, and more than 12 000 professionals, such as Physiotherapists and Aestheticians, are offering Local Cryotherapy for its profound results.

On the Tim Ferris show, listen to what Anthony Robins, one of the most incredible human beings alive has to say about Whole Body Cryotherapy.

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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBCT)

WBCT takes place in a Cryosauna – a cylindrical open-topped chamber – into which the nitrogen vapour is released. The cold stimulates physiological processes including the release of ‘happy’ hormones, natural morphine and cortisone creating a powerful pain killing and anti- inflammatory response.

Stressful lifestyles inevitably lead to excess inflammation and adrenal fatigue. Symptoms include poor stress tolerance, fatigue, body pains, poor injury recovery and more. Cryotherapy has been used for several decades to treat serious inflammatory conditions but recently it became popular worldwide for optimising general wellness and the feel good factor.

To learn more how Whole Body Cryotherapy works, click HERE

Used for:
  • Sport performance and recovery
  • Optimised health
  • Rheumatic conditions
  • Whiplash
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic pain conditions

Local Cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy is used as one of the most popular treatments for injuries in Europe and is covered by many medical aids. Our in-house physiotherapist applies Local Cryotherapy as part of a rehabilitation program for injuries, as well as an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving treatment in rheumatic and auto-immune diseases. Local Cryotherapy speeds up recovery due to the body’s drastic response to the extreme cold. The treated area compensates by heating itself through speeding up cellular metabolism and drastically increasing blood flow, which in turn accelerates healing.

Used for:
  • Injury recovery
  • Back and neck pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Whiplash
  • Tendinopathies
  • Rheumatic conditions


The healing properties of cryotherapy also apply to skin. Our CryoFacialTM treats the face, neck and head. The treatment stimulates micro-circulation within the skin, which promotes collagen production. A series of treatments offer a reduction in wrinkles, brightening of skin and improved elasticity. The anti-ageing and healing responses of CryoFacials have made it extremely popular amongst celebrities in America.

Used for:
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin tightening
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improved microcirculation


Body Sculpting

Lymphatic Drainage



"It is absolutely worth it, I lost 8 cm around my hips and could feel a difference in my body..."

Liezel Fourie * Lifestyle blogger @ 9lives.co.za



Carla Whitehead
Carla Whitehead Autoimmune Condition Whole body Cryotherapy (WBC) has had such a positive impact on my life. I suffer from an autoimmune condition with symptoms ranging from extreme fatigue, inflammation of the body and poor circulation in the legs. After about 15 sessions I have noticed a marked decrease in the inflammation and best...
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Robin Campbell
Robin Campbell Neck and Arm Pain I was diagnosed in 2015 with a pinched nerve in my neck and thus had to stop playing golf and refrain from all forms of exercise. A neuro surgeon recommended a disc replacement. My chiropractor that I regularly visit recommended I try physiotherapy and Cryotherapy instead of going the route...
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Emma Wilson Poe
Emma Wilson Poe CryoFacial The use of the novel, cooling technique was a wonderful experience that was very relaxing and calming and the IMAGE products smelled so lovely and were so delicate, yet effective on my skin.
Gill Farris Neck and Shoulder pain Finally after trying several things, I came to Cryoliving. After 2 sessions, I can tell you, I feel completely different. I have free access of my arm movements. Watch Video
Susan Landsberg
Susan Landsberg ITB I tried the full body cryo too. It was quite an experience. More intense, being a full body treatment. It is only 3 minutes long which is very manageable. The after effect is exhilarating. They also have the inversion table which I loved to use. If I feel an injury...
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Kholekha Breakfast
Kholekha Breakfast General Wellness Wow! I came to Cape Town from Joburg and booked to try Cryotherapy. It was amazing, very cold but refreshing and made me so relax after! I even got hung upside down to stretch me out. Thank you so much for amazing experience. I will definitely be back. Next time...
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Candace Wan Fibromyalgia After 6 sessions of SleekSculpt I have noticed a huge difference, not only in cm loss but also in overall better health and energy levels. I feel more alert and my skin feels brighter and softer to the touch. I used to have circulation problems, primarily in the calves and...
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Jacob Lund General Wellness I heard about Cryotherapy through Tony Robbins and immediately looked for a Cryo Facility here in Cape Town. I found CryoLiving in Plumstead and made an appointment to try the treatment. I tried it for wellness purposes and I must say It was a great experience. After my first treatment...
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Jessica Hambleton Jones
Jessica Hambleton-Jones CryoFacial had a Cryoliving facial and it was one of the best facials I’ve had. The cleanse was gentle but effective, accompanied by a rich and nourishing moisturiser that left my skin feeling healthy and revitalised with high quality products used. The facial was relaxing and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate...
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Simon Ekin
Simon Ekin Knee Injury My name is Simon Ekin, I found out about Cryoliving at a BNI meeting where I met Anita, the lead physiotherapist at Cryoliving. Cryotherapy has worked wonderfully well for me, I have had a knee injury for 10 years which has shown a dramatic improvement in just one session. The...
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Rob Baird Sprained ankle I went from potentially not being able to do the race to finishing the race in a really good time. Watch Video
Karen Boshoff CryoFacials I always thoroughly enjoy my CryoFacials with Belinda and always look forward to the next. I can definitely see an improvement in the firmness of my skin, skin tone as well as fine lines and wrinkles.
Bruce Fincham Achilles tendonitis I came to Cryoliving for 4 sessions of Cryotherapy combined with Physiotherapy. And as a result all of my symptoms have gone and I can run exactly the way I used to. Watch Video
Ashlee Skin I have been struggling with my skin for the last 2 years. I have tried all sorts of laser treatments and acne cleaners. This is the first and only treatment where I see results. My pores appear smaller and my acne has really calmed down. And a more even complexion....
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Michelle van de Merwe
Michelle van De Merwe Polymyalgia Rheumatica My name is Michelle van der Merwe and I have been suffering from Polymyalgia rheumatica since 2010. Prednisone treatment accompanied by Methotrexate improved my condition but caused bad side effects including osteopaenia. In 2013 I came off all medication. In 2015 while living abroad for a year, I suffered a...
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Maxi Huber
Maxi Huber General Wellness I had my first cryo session today. It was super cold, I did not expect it to be quite that cold but I got used to it quickly. It gave me a real high and made me feel amazing after the session. I am looking forward to my next one ;)
Leandra Partington Ankylosing Spondylitis After my 3rd session I slept through the evening for the first time in 7 years, which was phenomenal. Just getting a good night’s sleep changed my life. After my 15th session I ran my 1st 15km race. Watch Video

Although Cryotherapy simply makes you feel at your best, here are some of the most popular applications:

Interesting Facts About Cryotherapy

1 The body responds completely differently to Cryostimulation than what it does to icing or ice baths.
2 Icing, cools down tissue and slows down cellular activity. Cryotherapy only stimulates the very top level of the skin which causes the tissue to heat up through speeding up cellular activity.
3 Cryotherapy’s stimulatory effect causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing peripheral blood flow (circulation) and thus oxygenation to tissue by up to 4 times.
4 Cryotherapy stimulates the release of beta-endorphins which are powerful painkilling hormones in the body.
5 Cyotherapy is excellent for injury recovery, ideal for injuries older than 72 hours, it has been shown through research to reduce recovery time by up to 50%.
6 Cryotherapy has a marked anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The inflammatory response in the body is mediated by protiens called cytokines, cryotherapy has been shown to increase anti-inflammatory cytokines.
7 The body’s metabolic rate is accelerated following Whole Body Cryotherapy as it attempts to generate heat as compensation for the cold exposure.
8 It has been reported that following a session of whole body cryotherapy, the body can burn anything from 400-800 calories through the metabolic heat generating process.
9 Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease the levels of phospho-creatinine kinase in the body, this is an enzyme related to muscular damage and is one found in the blood stream after a heart attack.
10 Whole Body Cryotherapy can leave one feeling euphoric, this is due to the release of beta-endorphins which are known as "happy hormones", studies have shown that the treatment can be effective in alleviating anxiety and depression.

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Treating inflammatory conditions