Tendonitis and Inflammation of Tendon Insertions

Tendonitis is characterized by inflammation of tendons or degenerative connective tissue disorders such as Tennis or Golfers’ elbow, Achilles tendonitis and chronic heel pain. It is usually extremely slow to heal or to respond to many mainstream treatments due to the poor blood supply to the tendon.

Local cryotherapy has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of tendonitis.

The main reason for the success of cryotherapy is the ability to increase circulation to the area by up to 4 times, this allows for 4 times the amount of oxygen, nutrients and repair cells to access the affected tendon. This helps to fast-track healing. Studies are showing that cryotherapy can reduce recovery time by up to 50%.

Added to that is the hormonal response by the body in response to the cold stimulus.

Nor-epinephrine is a powerful anti-inflammatory hormone that is released, this hormone helps to alleviate the inflammation that usually builds up between the tendon and its surrounding sheath, relieving this inflammation in turn relieves pressure on the tendon and relieves pain.

Endorphins are also released into the area of the affected tendon in response to local cryotherapy. Being a potent pain-relieving hormone in the body, there is an almost instantaneous relief of pain in the affected structure.


Benefits of cryotherapy treatment for tendonitis and tendon inflammation

  • Biostimulating effect leading to faster recovery time
    • Increased cellular metabolism
    • Increased enzyme activity
    • Increased circulation
    • Increased oxygenation of tissue
  • Reduction of pain
  • Interruption in the development of pain memory
  • Improvement of associated muscular spasm
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased ability to exercise and maintain mobility
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient supply to affected tendon and or insertion

Suggested protocols in the management of tendon inflammation

Between 10 and 20 treatments of between two and three minutes at a time are recommended.