Buy a Cryosauna for Whole Body Cryotherapy

Why offer Whole Body Cryotherapy at your facility

  • WBCT effectively and naturally treats inflammation, the lead cause to poor body function.
  • WBCT is the fastest growing treatment for rehabilitation, performance and general wellness.
  • The treatment only takes 3 minutes, yet offers powerful results to its users.
  • One operator can treat multiple clients in one time slot.
  • Only 10-15 m2 required to house the CryoSauna.

Most popular facilities offering Whole Body Cryotherapy

  • Sport Clubs
  • Gyms
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Wellness facilities
  • Elite hotels


Juka CryoSauna

Juka CryoSauna
Most advanced and most trusted

The Juka CryoSuana is the world’s most advanced single-person cryogenic chamber. It reaches temperatures as low as -170°C which is the coldest direct injection CryoSauna in the world. The manufacturer has been established since 1991 and produces the most recognised and trusted CryoSaunas in the world.


Safety is the most important feature when it comes to cryotherapy. Over the last decade more than two million treatments have been performed using Juka equipment with no recorded injuries to date.

Even spread temperature

With its continuous flow technology and geometric design of the inner cabin, the convection of cryogenic temperatures is optimised. This feature promotes improved treatment results.

Low gas consumption

Once the sauna has reached optimal treatment temperature, it only uses 2-5 litres per treatment. Gas efficiency is further promoted through a heated ventilation system which minimises moisture residue and icing.

Easy to use

Another unique feature to the Juka Sauna is its electric lift. It easily adjusts the client’s position based on their height so that their head sticks out, allowing the client to breathe natural air. It also features a touch screen controller that fully automates treatments. This allows the operator to focus on the client at all times, rather than needing to make adjustments to the machine during the treatment.


Cryomed Pro CryoSauna

Gas supply options

The Cryomed Pro offers the distinct advantage of working with non-pressure 40l dewars as well as large pressured vessels. This allows users the position their CryoSauna in locations that are not suitable for large pressured vessels, such as shopping malls or rooms lacking direct access to external storage space.

Gas efficacy

The Cryomed Pro was designed to offer very low gas consumption especially in a setting with low sequential treatments such as home-use.
Mobile installations

The Cryomed Pro is suitable for fitting into vehicles as mobile units

Multiple design options

They CryoMed Pro comes standard in grey but offers an array of custom external and interior colours.


Cryomed Mini CryoSauna

Price economical

The Cryomed Mini was designed to be price economical. It is ideal for low volume usage such as home-use or a small spa offering 1-10 treatments a day.

Size economical

The Cryomed Mini was designed to be size economical, it is only 1,78m high and takes up 1m2 floor space.

Gas efficiency

The Cryomed Mini’s size allows for exception gas efficiency, with lower consumption than any standard model could offer.



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