Why offer SleekSculptTM at your wellness and aesthetics facility

  • SleekSculpt offers profound slimming and skin tightening results even after the first treatment. The treatment is referred by word of mouth and is easy to sell.
  • Once clients have tried their first treatment, most buy a course of 6 or 12 sessions.
  • The treatment can be sold to existing cliental.
  • The treatment can be performed simultaneously with certain other treatments such as facials, peels and manicures.
  • The treatment is easy to learn and can be effectively performed by junior therapists.
  • The treatment is unique and sets your facility apart form your competitors.

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boa2maxBoa Max 2

The Boa Max 2 is state of the art technology for sequential high-pressure massages. The device is driven by a computer utilizing different algorithms based on the body type and application. It controls 24 air chambers that can apply pressure independently from each other.

The device achieves a wave-flow compression by using pressure gradients values 5, 10 or 15%. The gradient values refer to the drop in pressure of chambers relative to each other to achieve directional flow of pressure.

The algorithms are based on Dr E Vodder’s method of lymphatic drainage. Software can be updated when new releases become available.

The Boa Max 2 connects to 24 chamber high-pressure pants. The pants are made from high quality, durable material. The air chambers overlap to ensure seamless wave-flow sequential pressure.

SleekSculptTM with Cryo

Cryotherapy hyper stimulates the skin, drastically speeding up cellular activities. SleekSculptTM with Cryo performs cryotherapy prior to applying active ingredients and compression therapy.

Cryotherapy is performed by the Cryo-T Elephant or mini version. The same device can also be used for Cryofacials and other treatments.

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