Behind-the-Scenes Beauty: My experience with Cryotherapy & SleekSculpt

About a month back I was invited to Cryoliving to experience Cryotherapy first hand… now this is entirely new to me as I had never heard of it before, but I was intrigued and went along to try it out in order to report back to you! Cryoliving is based in Plumstead, Cape Town and from […]

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What Is Cryotherapy? For Manny Pacquiao Fight, Floyd Mayweather Using Frigid Treatment Thought To Speed Recovery After Workouts

Original Article: International Business Times – By Amy Nordrum

With a record-breaking $300 million-plus prize at stake, Saturday night’s “Fight of the Century” has fighters Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao taking every opportunity to gain an edge over one another. Mayweather has even taken to dipping his body into a tank of nitrogen gas to freeze for three minutes at minus-240 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Rupp Primes for 5,000 Meters With Help From Old Friends

Original Article: The New York Times – By JERÉ LONGMANAUG

LONDON — A mobile lab drove up to the hotel and Galen Rupp prepared for what amounted to the world’s coldest shower. He climbed into a chamber wearing his socks and underwear. His head and hands poked out the top of the cylinder.

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I froze my body through cryotherapy for the sake of journalism

Original Article: The Charlotte Observer – By Jonathan Jones

Last week I walked across Stonewall Street from the Observer to Charlotte Athletic Club in the Duke Energy building and allowed my body to be frozen – more or less – for three minutes for the sake of journalism.

Cryotherapy is one of the newest feel-better-quickly health fads in the nation. The technology has been around for more than three decades in Japan, but it’s just now finding its way to Charlotte.

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How Cryotherapy Works And Why Star Athletes Like Kobe Bryant And Floyd Mayweather Jr. Love It

Original Article: Tech Times – By Mark Lelinwalla

NBA superstars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James love it. Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. swears by it, having sessions before and after his fights. The therapy was even featured on Good Morning America on Wednesday, June 17.

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The Science of Cryotherapy: What -280 Degrees Feels Like

Original Article: ABC News – By OLIVIA SMITH

What does it feel like to have your body immersed in sub-zero temperatures? I was soon going to find out.

I visited a cryotherapy facility to talk to a professional acrobat who says he uses the machine to relieve pain and cure injuries.

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‘Cryotherapy’ freezing treatment may heal injuries, slow signs of aging

Original Article: Fox News – By Lindsay Carlton

Like most East Coasters, Ben Famiglietti has not enjoyed the chilly weather this winter. But that’s not stopping the 43- year-old New Yorker from trying a “cool” health trend to help treat a sports injury.

“It’s terrifically cold. It’s like walking into an Arctic cloud. You go into this chamber that has no moisture and no pressure, so it’s really cold,” Famiglietti told FoxNews.com.

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Here’s the Latest Insane Spa Treatment Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Original Article: Glamour – By Petra Guglielmetti

Last week, we had Gwyneth Paltrow steaming her vagina. Now we have Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore freezing their bums off. Everyone, check out the latest weird spa treatment that’s winning celebrity fans: cryotherapy, where you expose your body to extreme low temperatures.

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I Spent 3 Minutes Inside a – 264 Degree Cryotherapy Machine

Original Article: New York Magazine – By Jessica Silvester

“You may now start to hyperventilate and shiver uncontrollably,” I hear. Other than undergarments, I am wearing nothing but athletic socks and clogs on my feet, raw-wool mittens on my hands, and a post-concussive expression on my face. I am ensconced in a shoulder-height cauldron spewing nitrogen-iced air at minus-264 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Cryo Health Cryotherapy Facial

Original Article: Ask Men – By Nick Rego

With temperatures still peaking in the 40’s it’s always nice when you get a moment to cool off. Whether that means staying in your car with the air con at full blast, or drinking your fifth ice latte of the morning. So naturally when I had the opportunity to try out a facial where I would quite literally freeze my face, I threw all caution to the wind.

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Demi Moores Elixr of youth revealed…

Original Article: Daily Mail – By Daily Mail Reporter

It seems Demi Moore has more to thank than just good genes for her youthful look.

With the actress just days away from turning the milestone age of 50 – clearly she is pulling out all the stops to ensure she looks her best.

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