Local cryotherapy for whiplash injuries

Whiplash injuries can quite literally be a giant pain in the neck from the outset, but the pain can quickly become persistent and more chronic in nature when left untreated. Local cryotherapy can adapt the way the body processes pain signals and has the potential to reduce the chronicity of whiplash injury.

Local cryotherapy can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with whiplash injuries, increases the microcirculation to area which can become reduced due to the inflammation there and hence slowing down the healing processes. Increasing the microcirculation to the area, increases the oxygen, nutrients and repair cells to the area which can in turn accelerate the healing processes.

While WBCT achieves systemic responses, there is still a need to focus on specific injuries. Local cryotherapy is used to target specific areas more intensively. It has also proven to be extremely effective when used in conjunction with WBCT.

With Local cryotherapy, pressured liquid nitrogen vapour is sprayed directly onto the injured area. The skin temperature is reduced from about 25˚C to 5˚C, which takes approximately 3 min for an area of 5cm x 5cm. Immediately after the treatment the skin temperature increases to approximately 29˚C as the stimulating responses take place.

Local Cryotherapy is applied by our extensively trained Physiotherapist. Treatments are always preceded by an initial assessment to ensure the correct approach is followed.

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