In a nutshell, what is the lymphatic system?

The Lymphatic system is one of our body’s systems, that functions parallel to the circulatory system and consists of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and lymphoid tissues.

The most important role of the lymphatic system is to absorb and transport large molecules (including protein and cellular debris) which are too large to be collected by veins and venous capillaries.

This lymph fluid is then transported to lymph nodes that act as “filtering stations” in the body.

In the lymph nodes, cells from the body’s natural defence system, called lymphocytes, help fight bacteria and viruses.

When this system is not working properly, then it can affect our immunity, the health of our skin, cause swelling and water retention, our zest for life and many other negative responses.

If you feel that you need to stimulate or speed up your circulatory or lymphatic system, we here at Cryoliving would love to help you, please contact us for more information.

More about the CryoLiving founder:

CryoLiving™ founder, Eugene Pienaar, discovered Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBCT) whilst searching for a drug-free treatment for his condition – intractable insomnia – which he developed 18 months prior. Chronic medication was his only relief at the time. However, as an active sportsman, he struggled to recover after exercising, experiencing fatigue, inflammation, tender muscles and joints. After consulting numerous medical professionals, he was still no closer to a viable solution, until he discovered WBCT, after which he quickly realised that many others could benefit from the increasingly recognised results of this type of treatment. You will find out more about Cryoliving and their team on our website: www.cryoliving.com

CryoLiving™ is the first company to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBCT) in South Africa.




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