Spring Your Lymphatic System into Action

Spring is here and for many it is a bittersweet month of Blooming Allergies along with the flowers. Although there are ties to Genetics a susceptibility to Hayfever and Sinusitis flare-ups can be managed through a healthy lifestyle, however when the immune system is compromised it can leave you subject a season of sneezing and frustration.

When your immune system is weakened its ability to distinguish between good and bad substances becomes impaired. It then becomes extra vigilant and sees danger everywhere, thus sending out too many antibodies to fight substances, many of which are not harmful.

The antibodies then release a chemical called histamine, and the over production of this is what causes most of your symptoms.

Your immunity goes hand in hand with your lymphatic system, as the lymphatic system is your body’s inner drainage system and has a primary role of protecting the body from outside threats. The main way to take care of this system is to maintain healthy diet, exercise and take steps to detox the body naturally.

Lymphatic drainage is an excellent way to stimulate and improve this system to work at its best. It also encourages detoxification, which will improve general health as well as skin health.

Lymphatic drainage through a compression therapy device is a great advanced therapeutic way to achieve greater results faster focusing on multiple areas at a time.

For those of you who would like to enjoy the full beauty of this spectacular season without being slowed by allergies and Sinusitis please contact us now to book your Lymphatic Drainage package.


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