The Launch of our Signature CryoFacial

On Friday the 27th of November CryoLiving and Image Cosmetics joined forces to launch our Spa’s Signature CryoFacial.

Each woman got to choose between the Organic CryoPeel and the O2 Lift CryoFacial which we designed for the day’s event. After a full skin analysis, amazing facial experience and professional home care recommendation our ladies enjoyed a glass or two of bubbly and a delicious bite to eat. To top it all off, their balloon popping discounts could be heard for miles!

It was a great success. Everyone that booked had a wonderful time and absolutely loved the treatments and products.

The beauty of combining Image Cosmetics with CryoFacial is that because of Image’s Clinical Couture Facial Formulas we get to design a treatment specific to our client’s individual needs.

This coupled with our CryoFacial not only leaves your skin visibly lifted and radiant but increases the treatment effects by up to four times more than that of your regular facial.

The CryoFacial™ is truly one of a kind. It constitutes a Cryogenic treatment, in which a controlled beam of nitrogen vapour is used to ‘freeze’ the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area. Applying this cold nitrogen creates an instant skin tightening effect that fills in fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates Collagen to produce more cells which, over a course of treatments allows the skin to become more elastic and refined (Phew! Deep breath and…) The vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients in the products are literarily pumped into the skin as a result of the fast contracting and expanding of the skin’s blood vessels which in turn causes a surge of nutrient rich, oxygenated blood to flow through your veins and feed your skin.

The CryoFacial™ will flush away built up toxins in your skin, dramatically reduce pore size and soothe any skin inflammation. And as for that dreaded puffiness we all experience…Gone!

Speaking from experience, I can highly recommend this true revolution in non-surgical youth enhancing ‘freeze therapy’ called The CryoFacial.

Belinda Woods
Senior Aesthetician at CryoLiving


My name is Michelle Makhaba and I recently went for a facial and a whole body treatment at CRYOLIVING. It was the very first time for me to have a treatment on my face. The experience with their cold machines and all the products was great! Their service was very good and I enjoyed every minute of the process. My skin was glowing for days afterwards! I will definitely go back for more. Thank you CRYOLIVING for this wonderful experience.

Michelle Makhaba


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