Why choose a CryoFacial

Why should you choose a CryoFacial? After a single treatment you will leave with a healthy glow as a consequence of the improved circulation. Puffiness is reduced and the improved blood flow leads to oxygenation of the skin and a flushing of toxins from the microcirculation.

For lasting effects, regular CryoFacials boost your skins natural collagen production resulting in a more youthful looking skin naturally. It also minimises pore size and reduces wrinkles.

One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that it is quick, with absolutely no downtime, you can apply make-up and return to work immediately.

Thus it is the perfect facial treatment for a bride or groom, and also for any special occasion.

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More about CryoFacials:


With our CryoFacial treatment, pressured liquid nitrogen vapour is sprayed directly onto the face, neck and head.

 Our CryoFacial™ achieves:

  • Immediate tightening of skin
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Reduction of facial inflammation (“puffiness”)
  • Decrease wrinkles and lines
  • Stimulation of collagen production
  • Improve micro circulation
  • Brighten dark spots
  • Tightening of hair follicles, thickening hair volume of eyelashes and eyebrows

CryoFacial™ treatments are combined with advanced skincare products. Improved absorption offers optimized results.






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