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I froze my entire body, and this is what happened

The idea of being inside an enclosed space (wearing nothing but underwear), blasted with air so cold it makes the South Pole resemble the tropics, is a daunting thought – but only at first. Every month we hear about a new, innovative way to look younger. Last year, I witnessed the anti-ageing, non-surgical facelift known […]

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Freeze yourself into good health: SA’s first ‘cryosauna’ open for business

The latest craze in beauty therapy and medical treatment is so cool it is literally freezing. Cryotherapy is all the rage in Hollywood, with stars such as Jessica Alba exposing their skin to nitrogen vapour at -160ºC to uppercut their most formidable foe: ageing. Sports stars including Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo also use “cryosaunas” […]

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