Cryotherapy for Wellness and Aesthetics

Why offer cryotherapy at your facility

  • Cryotherapy hyper stimulates the skin and tissue, greatly speeding up all cellular activities.
  • Cryotherapy has a proven high efficacy in the medical industry for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • The results that cryotherapy achieves also applies to the skin. It immediately improves appearance by tightening skin and causing a healthy glow.
  • Multiple sessions result in increased collagen and elastin.
  • Cryotherapy relaxes facial muscles and larger targeted muscles.
  • Cryotherapy causes blood vessels and capillaries to expand by up to 400%. This greatly improves the skins permeability and consequential product absorption ability.
  • Offering cryotherapy comes at minimal to no financial risk due to low breakeven requirements.

Treatments types

  • Cryofacials are offered by performing cryotherapy on the face prior to product application.
  • Cryotherapy can be added to existing facial protocols as an add-on procedure.
  • Cryotherapy is used to treat tender muscles and joints.
  • Cryotherapy is applied prior to massages for deep muscle relaxation.
  • Cryotherapy is used as part of the popular SleekSculptTM treatment



Cryoliving is the only supplier in South Africa that sells, rents and services cryotherapy equipment. All devices include a 2-year warrantee. To achieve the desired results from Cryotherapy it is essential to follow the correct treatment protocols. Cryoliving supplies training and ongoing support. All devices have been awarded with the European CE medical rating.

Cryo-T Elephant

The Cryo-T Elephant uses liquid nitrogen (LN2) vapour to stimulate local areas. It achieves a temperature range of -120°C to -160°C. The device is equipped with new vaporisation technology that improves the device’s efficiency by up to 40%.

Unique piping insulation material is used which prevents pipes from freezing or becoming stiff. This feature reduces the strain on therapists’ hands and arms during continuous use.

The Cryo-T Elephant comes 2 sizes:

pic 5Standard

The standard size Cryo-T Elephant is the first cryotherapy device in the world with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle. The sensor allows for remote measurement of the patient’s skin temperature and includes audible feedback. Maintaining the correct skin temperature ensures optimal therapeutic effects while avoiding overcooling or frostbites.

The device also includes hand-piece distance control allowing inexperienced users to maintain the optimal distance from the skin.


The Cryo-T mini was designed to be price and space economical. The device is 20% smaller than the standard size and excludes the skin temperature sensor and distance control feature

Cryo-T Elephant feature comparisons.

Device Cryo-T Elephant Cryo-T Elephant mini
Application temperature -160 to – 135 -160 to -135
Stream level regulation Level 1-5 Level 1-5
Control panel LCD 6” touch screen LED key panel
Distance control Yes No
Skin temperature control Yes No
Vessel capacity options 35l and 60l 11l and 35l
Cooling medium level indicator Yes Yes
Weight 28 Kg 23.5 Kg
Size (h/w/d) 1090 x 513 x 765 982 x 470 x 740



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