Cryotherapy for Medical Rehabilitation

Why offer Cryotherapy at your healthcare facility

  • Cryotherapy, also referred to as Cryostimulation, is offered by more than 12 000 healthcare providers in Europe. In many cases it is covered by medical aids.
  • In Poland, where cryotherapy has been established for over a decade, the NHCS has chosen it as the preferred treatment for physiotherapists. In fact, physiotherapists can only register with the NHCS once they have acquired a cryotherapy device.
  • Cryotherapy hyper-stimulates the treatment area and increases blood flow by up to 4 times, more than any other treatment can offer. This makes it ideal to combine with conventional treatments to optimize results.
  • Cryotherapy offers a powerful analgesic effect, making it possible to manually treat and mobilize areas previously not possible to treat effectively due to pain.
  • Grow your client base by standing out from competing facilities due to offering higher efficacy treatments.
  • Offering cryotherapy comes at minimal to no financial risk, due to low breakeven requirements.

Types of applications

  • Rheumatology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurology
  • Traumatology
  • Sports medicine
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Athletic recovery
  • Orthopaedics

Cryotherapy has been used to successfully treat:

  • Fracture and contusion related trauma
    • Delayed union
    • Injuries older than 72 hours
    • Non-union
    • Delays in endoprosthesis application
  • Burns – thermal shock relief
  • Rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases
    • Chronically-progressive rheumatism
    • Ankylosing arthritis in its initial stage
    • Ankylosing Spondylitis and Scheuermann’s disease,
    • Post spinal surgery
    • Pain syndromes
    • Bone decalcification – osteoporosis
    • Aseptic necrosis
    • Sudek’s syndrome.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation
  • Joint disorders
  • Acute and chronic inflammation
  • Periarticular inflammation
  • Degenerative changes
  • Polyarticular inflammation
  • Inflammation of knuckles
  • Rheumatoidal joint inflammation
  • Excessive muscular spasm, spasticity
  • Disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system
    • Neuralgic pain
    • Sciatica
    • Lumbago
    • Pareses
    • Spasticity (neurological or protective)
  • Tendonitis of various etiology
  • Swelling and adiposity – speeds-up cellular metabolism


Cryoliving is the only supplier in South Africa that sells, rents and services cryotherapy equipment. All devices include a 2-year warrantee. To achieve the desired results from Cryotherapy it is essential to follow the correct treatment protocols. Cryoliving supplies training and ongoing support. All devices have been awarded with the European CE medical rating.

Liquid Nitrogen based Cryotherapy equipment

Cryo-T Elephant

The Cryo-T Elephant uses liquid nitrogen (LN2) vapour to stimulate local areas. It achieves a temperature range of -120°C to -160°C. The device is equipped with new vaporisation technology that improves the device’s gas efficiency by up to 40%.

Unique piping insulation material is used which prevents pipes from freezing or becoming stiff. This feature reduces the strain on users’ hands and arms during continuous use.

The Cryo-T Elephant comes in 2 sizes:

pic 5Standard

The standard size Cryo-T Elephant is the first cryotherapy device in the world with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle. The sensor allows for remote measurement of the patient’s skin temperature and includes audible feedback. Maintaining the correct skin temperature ensures optimal therapeutic effects while avoiding overcooling or frostbites.

The device also includes hand-piece distance control allowing inexperienced users to maintain the optimal distance from the skin.


The Cryo-T mini was designed to be price and space economical. The device is 20% smaller than the standard size and excludes the skin temperature sensor and distance control feature.

Cryo-T Elephant feature comparisons.

Device Cryo-T Elephant Cryo-T Elephant mini
Application temperature -160 to – 135 -160 to -135
Stream level regulation Level 1-5 Level 1-5
Control panel LCD 6” touch screen LED key panel
Distance control Yes No
Skin temperature control Yes No
Vessel capacity options 35l and 60l 11l and 35l
Cooling medium level indicator Yes Yes
Weight 28 Kg 23.5 Kg
Size (h/w/d) 1090 x 513 x 765 982 x 470 x 740

CO2 based cryotherapy equipment


The Cryo-T range uses CO2 as a cooling medium, reaching temperatures of -65 to -75 ?C. Even though it doesn’t reach the same temperatures as liquid nitrogen based devices, it offers comparable therapeutic results.

CO2 based devices offer the benefit of being more compact in size. The CO2 can also be stored without losses, compared to liquid nitrogen that continuously evaporates.

Layer 9Cryo-T Duo

The Cryo-T Duo offers an LCD display indicating all operating parameters. The display includes the operating temperature, gas pressure, treatment period and nozzle in use. There is an optional trolley available for the Cryo-T, with space for a 10kg gas bottle.

Cryo-T2Cryo-T 2

The Cryo-T 2 is the smallest and most economical cryotherapy device, yet offers similar therapeutic results to any of the other devices available. The device is ideal for mobile applications, including a carry handle to allow for maneuverability.

The Cryo-T range uses 4 nozzles for different applications:


Cryo-T feature comparisons

Device Cryo-T Duo Cryo-T 2
Application temperature -85 to -65 -85 to -65
Stream level regulation Level 1-5 Level 1-5
Control panel LCD display LED panel
Temperature indicator Yes No
Nozzle indicator Yes No
Cooling medium level indicator Yes Yes
Weight 6 Kg 3 Kg
Size (h x w x d) 360 x 410 x 135 280 x 290 x 160

Sequential Compression Therapy

Why offer sequential compression therapy at your healthcare facility

  • The treatment compliments manual therapies.
  • It significantly reduces swelling in limbs by offering a high efficacy lymphatic drainage, exceeding results manual massages can achieve.
  • Once the medical professional has set the parameters of the treatment, trainee level staff can complete the treatment.
  • Existing patients can be given additional treatments without affecting the medical professional’s time schedule.


  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Lymphedema
  • Chronic oedema
  • After aesthetic treatment (eg. Stable cavitation, laser lipolysis and other cellulite treatments)
  • Post mastectomy
  • DVT prophylaxis

boa2maxBoa 2 Max

The Boa Max 2 is state of the art technology for sequential high-pressure massage. The device is driven by a computer utilizing different algorithms based on the body type and application. It controls 24 air chambers that can apply pressure independently from each other.

The device achieves a wave-flow compression by using pressure gradients values 5 , 10 or 15%. The gradient values refer to the drop in pressure of chambers relative to each other, which drives fluids to the core.

The algorithms are based on Dr E Vodder’s method of lymphatic drainage. Software can be updated when new releases become available.


The Boa Max 2 connects to either a 24 chamber high-pressure pants for the lower body or 24 chamber high-pressure suits for the upper body. They are made from high quality, durable material. The air chambers overlap to ensure seamless wave-flow sequential pressure.

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