3 reasons why you need Cryotherapy in your life

We want to show you why we believe you should make Whole Body Cryotherapy part of your life style:

Do you suffer from:

• Continues stiffness
• Poor injury recover
• Fatigue
• Poor sleep
• Stress
• Pain

Whole body Cryotherapy is becoming one of the most popular wellness treatments worldwide for boosting the system. Described as a pleasant experience, people stand inside a Cryogenic Sauna that rapidly cools down the skin. It happens at such a rapid rate that the body defends itself, which leads to a host of healing responses:

1. Improved Microcirculation
The body constricts its vessels in the skin and then straight after dilates the vessels and capillaries by up to 400%. This process rebuilds vessels and capillaries that have become small and weak. The reason this is important is that many have lost sufficient microcirculation in certain regions of their body such as skin and joints. This often happens when a lot of inflammation was present for an extended period of time, which put pressure on the microcirculation.

2. Feel Great
The body releases a host of hormones including Beta Endorphins. This is the body’s natural feel good and pain killing hormone. The process also leads to a body relaxing more affectively resulting in improved sleep and stress release.

3. Burn Fat
The body compensates for the cold by heating itself up, it does so by drastically revving up its metabolism which in return has a powerful fat burning effect.
It is recommended that you do 2-3 Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments per week as part of you exercise program, either before or after training.

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