Did you know the difference between a cosmeceutical and a cosmetic product?

Cosmeceutical products have been scientifically developed to produce impressive, fast-acting and noticeable results to correct skin concerns, to penetrate the skin’s surface, to promote change on a cellular level, and  to improve the skin in the long term.  You do not need a specific skin concern to use a cosmeceutical product.  Cosmeceutical products can also be used to maintain a youthful and healthy skin for as long as possible.  Cosmeceutical products are not just skincare, but rather skin medicine/prescription.  The ingredients in cosmeceuticals are stronger than your cosmetic-grade skin care products, but not as strong as pharmaceutical products.  Therefore, they do not require a medical prescription to dispense, and can be used regularly on the skin without the major side effects as in pharmaceutical products.  A Cosemeceutical ingredient has the active potential to bring about visible changes to the skin, and these changes will be backed by clinical evidence.   A Cosmeceutical has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. It is here that collagen, elastin and cellular activity takes place within the skin which is why we want Cosmeceuticals working hard at this level.

Cosmetics normally do not have active ingredients, and if they do have active ingredients they are not at the scientific proven levels or in the correct delivery system to benefit the skin.  Therefore, cosmetics cannot penetrate the epidermis to access the deeper layers of the skin. So, while it may refresh your complexion for a few hours, they cannot create structural changes or deliver long-term results.  A Cosmetic will effectively maintain your skin by providing somewhat temporary results.

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