Local Cryotherapy For Neuralgia (Nerve Pain)

For those of us who have ever suffered it, we know that nerve pain can be one of the most severe types of pain experienced. Not only is it the level of pain that can be so debilitating but sometimes also the strange sensations of numbness, tingling and referred symptoms that go with it.  Types of nerve pain can vary from trapped nerves in the spine creating pain in the arms, legs or thorax. Trigeminal neuralgia which is facial pain that can be unbearable! Post-herpetic neuralgia as suffered after diseases such as Shingles, and then neuralgia that can come on post injury or surgery.

To date we have been enjoying remarkable success in the treatment of nerve pain with local cryotherapy. The effects of this extreme cold on the CNS  has been shown to lower pain thresholds by reducing nerve conduction velocity, and desensitization or deactivation of pain receptors due to inhibition within the CNS.  Combining local cryotherapy with physiotherapy provides further benefit in the form of rehab exercises and manual therapy to improve movement in the interface of the nerve which are all the structures through which it passes.

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