Spring-time Symptoms

Spring is finally here but sometimes this time of the year can cause havoc for your health. Luckily our in-house Physio Therapist, Anita Naidoo, has the perfect solution. Enabling you to Stop and Smell the Wild Flowers…


Dread springtime for that awful sinusitis? Did you know that application of local cryotherapy to the facial sinuses can reduce the pain and inflammation of sinusitis? 

Combine this with physiotherapy that mobilises the facial bones, changes the pressure within the sinuses and thus facilitates drainage of the sinus cavities. Acupuncture is another powerful adjunct that can reduce pain and inflammation of the sinuses and modulate the immune system. 

This wonderful combo is a drug-free adjunct to soothe the symptoms of sinusitis, it is unique to Cryoliving, so give us a call to make your booking.


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