What is Local Cryotherapy?

What is Local Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that rapidly cools down the skin. It involves applying a stream of nitrogen vapour to the target area (a sore joint or injury) using Local Cryotherapy equipment.

The temperature of the nitrogen vapour can be as low as -160° Celsius but the skin over the affected area is cooled down to around 3-7 ° Celsius. This rapid cooling of the skin takes about three minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

What does Local Cryotherapy do?

Local Cryotherapy reduces pain, increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

Local Cryotherapy also increases the release of pain relieving hormones and increases the activity in the cells being treated, which accelerates healing. This makes Local Cryotherapy a great form of treatment for arthritic joints, lower back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, in fact, just about any musculoskeletal condition can be successfully treated using Local Cryotherapy.

How will I tolerate such cold temperature?

Local Cryotherapy is actually very tolerable and definitely more comfortable than more conventional icing. There is no moisture in the nitrogen vapour so this reduced conductivity makes it much more comfortable. The sensation is like the feeling of opening the freezer door on a hot summer’s day.

The therapeutic effects of the Local Cryotherapy are quite incredible! We saw a long standing lower back pain sufferer at a recent health and fitness expo who struggled to sleep at night due to pain. After her first application of the Local Cryotherapy she came over to tell us that she had her best night’s sleep in years!

This is just one of the many success stories.

Anita Naidoo

Head Physiotherapist at CryoLiving


I suffer with sciatic nerve pain starting in my lower back and running down my legs which is aggravated by sitting. This is a problem because I sit most of the day in my work environment. I came across CryoLiving, did some research on Cryotherapy and gave Belinda a call to see if she would be able to help me.

Belinda treated me with Swedish massage, followed by local Cryotherapy focusing on my problem areas. Within 5 sessions my pain was gone, I was ablee to walk without cringing and I felt so much better. I will continue with maintenance treatments on a monthly basis as it is so relaxing and healing at the same time


Nicci Acker


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