Why I Love Cryotherapy and You Should Too!

When I first heard the word Cryotherapy I immediately thought of being frozen for 1000 years!

Let’s just say this did not appeal to me one bit.

My name is Belinda Woods and I work at CryoLiving Medi Spa in Plumstead, Cape Town, and it took me almost a month before I dared to face the cold and nervously stepped into the CryoSauna for the first time. I was so nervous but also very excited. This was something I had never imagined doing.

I mean seriously, who by choice climbs into a cylindrical can, half naked, and has cryogenic (-160 degree Celsius) nitrogen vapour swirled around their whole body for 3 minutes?

I’ll tell you who, hundreds of thousands Europeans and Americas, their sport stars and a bunch of well-known Hollywood celebrities! “Well”, I told myself “if they can do it then so can I” and so I did.

My first reaction was sharp inhalation followed by the intense need to hop around with my arms over my chest followed by a burst of chilly giggles and whoops. It didn’t take long and my body started to relax and ease into the experience and before I knew it, PING! My session was over.

I have never been more aware of the warm euphoric surge of blood through my veins as I was exiting the CryoSauna that day…What a rush!

What did it do for me? Besides the powerful endorphin (happy hormone) surge of note, I also noticed that the pain in my shoulder and lower back had dissipated and my tired, sore legs were energised, smoother and positively blushing with all the oxygen rich blood pumping through them.

I felt ready to run a marathon! That night I slept like a baby. I have not felt so relaxed in ages and this is why I can definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who is stressed out, tired or in pain, needs to get rid of some cellulite and calories or wants to enhance their fitness and general wellbeing.

The best part of all is that it even turns back the clock on aging. Yes indeed ladies…CryoLiving has a non-surgical “Fontaine De Jouvence” called The CryoFacial, that helps maintain your youthfulness.

Because this form of Cryotherapy is brand new in South Africa you can only find it in one place, the place where I work, at the CryoLiving Medi Spa. I invite you to embrace the cold, take a plunge into the ambient Nitrogen swirl that is Cryotherapy and contact us today to book an appointment.

I now enjoy Cryotherapy in its various applications on a weekly basis.

Why do I love Cryotherapy? Because it’s good for me!

But don’t take my word for it, come and experience it for yourself…

Belinda Woods
Senior Aesthetician at CryoLiving

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