Acute effect of a single whole-body cryostimulation on prooxidant–antioxidant balance in blood of healthy, young men

We have examined the prooxidative–antioxidative reaction to extremely low temperatures (-130 ˚C) during a one-time cryostimulation in 15 young, clinically healthy individuals. The total lipid peroxides as the total oxidative status (TOS) and the total antioxidative status (TAS) were measured in blood plasma collected in the morning of the day of cryostimulation, 30 min after the cryostimulation, and on the following morning.

The level of stress expressed by total oxidative status in plasma, resulting from exposure to extremely low temperatures, was statistically significantly lowered 30min after leaving the cryochamber than prior to the exposure.

The next day, the TOS level still remained lower than the initial values. The TAS level decreased after leaving the cryochamber and remained elevated the following day.

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