The 3 most important ways to keep your lymph moving

The 3 most important ways to keep your lymph moving.

Drink enough water: – If you are not hydrated your lymphatic system doesn’t have the lubrication it needs to detoxify and drain (expose of) impurities

Move/exercise: – You need to move your body to move your lymphatic system. Remember the lymphatic system is like the circulatory system, just without a pump (the heart)? That means that you need to physically move every single day to continuously keep your lymphatic system active.

Breathe better: – Most of us live in a fast paced world with many external stressors. This causes us to breathe shallow in our chest as opposed to in our stomach breathing deeply which is what we really need to do. Breathing deeply into our belly gives our body more available oxygen to use throughout our entire body. With hydration and oxygen our body can better drain and detoxify the entire lymphatic system.

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